Professional Teeth Whitening St George Utah

teeth whitening St George Utah

Professional Teeth Whitening at Red Door Dental: Why Choose It?

Option 1:  Custom Whitening Trays, Professional Product

  • Best for those wanting to whiten continually over time
  • Lower ongoing cost for replacement bleach, about $16 per tube
  • Much more effective than over-the counter treatments

If you want to keep your teeth white on an ongoing basis custom trays are the best option for you. Opalesence from Ultradent is a great option, you can do at-home treatments and get better results.  By making trays specifically for your mouth, we can help you do a better job at home. This includes protecting your gums better.

Option 2: Go Trays from Opalesence, Professional Teeth Whitening Kit

  • Best for those looking to whiten their teeth before a special occasion
  • Get fast results
  • Less up front cost, $79 for ten treatments
  • More effective than over-the-counter

Go trays are an excellent option for those who want to whiten before a special occasion but not on an ongoing basis. Lower up front cost, easy to use disposable trays.

Other Teeth Whitening Considerations

Things to Do Before Professional Teeth Whitening in St George Utah

  1. Get your regular dental checkup and cleaning. You’ll get an overall picture of your oral health and can get professional advice about whitening products.  Plus, you’ll start the whitening process with the cleanest mouth possible. That’s sure to help with the results.
  1. Ask the hygienist and dentist these questions
  • What types of dental work are in your mouth? Can they be whitened by a treatment?
  • How is the health of your gums?
  • Is your tooth discoloration reversible? What is causing it?
  • Will products affect teeth sensitivity? How can sensitivity be avoided?
  1. Find out options for specific teeth.
  • How can cosmetic dentistry assist you in restoring your smile?
  • Would veneers help your front teeth look better?
  • Can a specific tooth be capped or crowned for a better smile?
  • How can composite resin be used to handle a chipped or misshapen tooth?

At Red Door, we consider the beauty of a smile to be priceless.  We help many patients feel good about their smile. Sure, it’s cosmetic dentistry, but it’s important to self-esteem.

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