Red Door Guide to Cosmetic Dentistry St George UT

Cosmetic Dentistry St George UT

What is cosmetic dentistry? Is cosmetic dentistry covered by insurance?  What types of cosmetic dentistry St George UT are available at Red Door?  Here’s a quick course on the subject. For more information, definitely talk to our knowledgeable staff.  At your next appointment, be sure to ask Dr. Larsen if any of these treatments will help your smile.

Definition of Cosmetic Dentistry

In a way, all dentistry is cosmetic. Poor teeth can look very bad.  Missing teeth, broken teeth or chipped teeth really wreck a smile.  Sometimes a procedure is required, such as a filling or a crown. Other times it is elective such as a dental implant or office teeth whitening.  Sometimes it is a bit of both.  If you have an important dental concern, call now.  If it’s after hours, contact us online.

cosmetic dentist St George UTDo You Need a Specialized Cosmetic Dentist St George UT?

Dr. Larsen has all of the skills necessary to be your cosmetic dentist St George UT. He has been fully trained in all cosmetic dental procedures.  Before starting his own practice, he had an extensive dental education and apprenticeships. Fully licensed, he is dedicated to his profession, always pursuing more knowledge and advanced training.

Furthermore, he can make crowns, inlays and onlays in the office. Red Door has all of the tools to get your cosmetic dental work done quickly.  We want you to be fully satisfied with the procedure and the final results.

What cosmetic dental work is covered by insurance?

This is a question first and foremost for your insurance company. As you can see from our website, we work with many insurors and are dedicated to filing claims accurately and completely.

There are treatments that are considered restorative when there is a less expensive solution. Although not always expensive, there are some more advanced treatments for some problems that insurers consider elective. Finally, there are purely cosmetic reasons for improving a smile. This is the main reason that veneers are not included by many insurors.

cosmetic dentistry covered by insuranceWhat is a Chipped Tooth Clause

The chipped tooth clause may be invoked by an insurer when it can be proven that this was an existing condition before the patient was enrolled in the dental insurance. If you are looking at insurance plans, be sure to investigate this further.

Composite Bonding

The dentist uses composite bonding to cover a damaged tooth. This is restorative because it makes the tooth stronger. However, it is often done for appearance.

This inexpensive treatment is good for decay, chips, and cracks. It can be used to rebuild a tooth that is worn down from grinding.  Some patients can have gaps in their teeth corrected by tooth enlargement that’s done using composite bonding.

Dr. Larsen uses his training to pick the best tooth color.  Then he uses his skill to sculpt the tooth into the right shape. Finally, he cures the tooth with a high-intensity light. This process can be used on one or more teeth to cover up damage and improve your smile.


  • Improved appearance of individual tooth or teeth
  • Improved smile
  • Gap eliminated inexpensively
  • Bonded tooth is less likely to decay
  • Stronger, more like original tooth
  • Affordable fix for many common problems

Inlays and Onlays

When you have a cavity, the dentist puts in a filling.  However, there is another procedure for mild or moderate tooth decay that may be suggested. You may have a tooth that cannot support a filling.  If the tooth cusp is not damaged, the tooth surface can be covered by an inlay.  If the cusp is damaged or if the tooth has significant damage, the dentist uses an onlay that covers the entire tooth surface.

Dr. Larsen and his team make inlays and onlays in the office.  A composite resin material is formed and shaped.  Then it is applied with adhesive dental cement.  This allows Dr. Larsen to create a natural-looking tooth shape.  For the patient, it means that their teeth are better supported, stronger, and less likely to decay further.


  • Improved appearance/smile
  • Increased tooth strength
  • Less likely to decay
  • Affordable fix for many common problems

Dental Veneers

If you want to go beyond bonding, you can turn to dental veneers.  Made from medical-grade ceramic, these tough tooth covers can be applied to your teeth for a long-lasting, more beautiful smile.  Dr. Larsen can apply them to correct crooked teeth or to close gaps between teeth.  For all patients, the veneers are used to create a whiter, straighter smile that lasts a long, long time.  You may not need to do all of your front teeth to get a benefit from this procedure.  Some patients will start with their upper teeth and decide later whether to do more.  For before and after veneers pictures, you can check out this Web MD article.


  • Long-term solution to a whiter smile
  • Erases the effects of age and deterioration
  • Eliminates the look of crooked, stained or broken teeth
  • Good idea for whom a beautiful smile is a vital work asset
  • Best solution when teeth whitening isn’t improving your smile anymore


If you have lost a tooth or you need to have a tooth pulled, it’s important to guard the bone from deterioration.  To do this, you can have an implant placed into your jaw. Dr. Larsen then adds a crown to this small titanium screw. The result is a realistic, long-lasting tooth. This is a nearly permanent solution to tooth loss that can prevent further loss due to teeth shifting and bone deterioration.


  • Best fitted solution to tooth loss
  • Longest-lasting solution to tooth loss
  • Prevents teeth shifting after tooth loss
  • Prevents bone deterioration due to tooth loss
  • May help maintain jaw shape

Professional Teeth Whitening

While there are many treatments out there, patients are smart to consult their St George UT dentist before using an over-the-counter product. Some teeth are very sensitive and will be harmed.  Other times teeth are too stained, and your money will be wasted if you try a commercial product.  Instead, we recommend either an in-house professional whitening or a take-home treatment. Our goal is to make it safe, affordable and truly effective.

Make an appointment and find out what Dr. Larsen can do to make your smile beautiful again. The answer may be faster and less expensive than you think.

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