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dental implants

A Patient’s Guide to Dental Implants St George Utah

What are dental implants for missing teeth?

Dental implants St George Utah are a more permanent replacement for your missing tooth or teeth. An oral surgeon implants a special rod into your mouth. This will function like the root of the tooth.  Dr. Larsen makes you a replacement tooth.

Who should get dental implants?

Dr. Larsen recommends implants for anyone with one or more missing teeth.  The only question is how is healthy enough to undergo the procedure.  An oral surgeon will make the final decision.

How does Dr. Larsen make dental implants?

You won’t have to wait for weeks or months to get your new tooth. Usually a temporary one is made until the oral surgeon is confident that the implant has taken hold. Then Dr. Larsen makes you a permanent tooth that looks natural and lasts for decades.

dental implants St George UtahWhat is the Difference Between Dental Implants and Dentures?

Dentures are the original way to replace teeth.  Although they have come a long way from George Washington’s wooden ones, today’s dentures are still not the best solution for many patients.

If the patient can get implants, they have a better chance of preserving their jaw for the rest of their lifetime.  Dentures aren’t attached to the bone. As such, the jaw will change over time. This leads to a poor fit.  Worse, dentures cannot prevent bone loss that is caused by tooth loss.

Furthermore, implants can’t move or slip like dentures. Made like your tooth, an implant won’t get food between it and the gum in the way that dentures do.  You won’t have to worry when you take a bite of an apple or corn on the cob.

Do dental implants look natural?

Implants look 100 percent natural.  They are made to look and function exactly like your real teeth. In fact, they are generally stronger than the teeth that needed to be replaced.  Furthermore, since mouth and jaw health is preserved, your other teeth have a greater chance of remaining in your mouth where they belong.

Want to know more?  You can get answers to your questions when you schedule an appointment with Dr. Larsen.

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emergency dentist St George Utah

Red Door Can Be Your Emergency Dentist St. George Utah

Whether you need a tooth pulled, a chipped tooth mended, or a broken tooth repaired, our office can handle your emergency dental work.   The level of pain and concern that comes with needing an emergency dentist St George Utah can be intense. Please call our office if you need immediate help and we’ll see if we can work you in.

Emergency Tooth Pulling

When a tooth is aching, it may suddenly become unbearable.  There are many possible solutions such as filling a cavity, having a root canal, or pulling the tooth.  Here are some examples of emergency tooth problems:

  • An accident has chipped or broken your tooth or teeth.
  • An accident has loosened your tooth or teeth.
  • Biting down hard has caused dental work or permanent teeth to break or come loose.
  • Bleeding indicates a gum or root problem that needs to be addressed quickly.
  • Pus indicates an abscess, which is a dying tooth.

Emergency Room Dentist Office St George UtahEmergency Room or Dentist Office

If our staff is available, you can avoid high fees at the emergency room. Plus you can get a permanent solution to your problem.  Tooth problems that are not part of head injuries can be addressed by your St. George dentist.  Here are some notes about common tooth emergencies:

  • If your tooth is knocked out, put it in the socket and bite down on a wet tea bag or moistened gauze. (Don’t do this if there’s a risk of swallowing the tooth).  You want to have it reattached as soon as possible.
  • If you can’t hold the tooth in place, keep it in milk or saliva until you see the dentist. Hold a wet compress in your mouth to staunch the bleeding.
  • A fever or red streaks indicate an infection which can become dangerous. In this case antibiotics may be needed. These cases may land you in the emergency room if you don’t get antibiotics in time.
  • Severe tooth pain may be managed for a short time with over-the-counter medicines. Be wary of any over-the-counter topicals that claim to deaden pain. They can make the pain worse.
  • Be careful not to put anything too hot or cold on the exposed pulp or nerve.
  • Hold ice or cold cloth on the cheek to address swelling.
  • Don’t eat salty or spicy foods because they can make pain symptoms worse.
  • A slightly chipped tooth is not an emergency unless it is bleeding or loose. However, it is important to have it bonded soon to make sure it doesn’t start to decay.

There’s more to these situations, but we hope we’ve given you some helpful tips. Most of all, please call our office with your dental emergency in St George Utah.

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St George Family Dental Services at Red Door

At Red Door Dental, we want to be your St George family dental office.  We offer a friendly environment where you’ll find all types of dental services for kids and teens.  It’s a place where parents and children can come together to find the care they need.

st. george dental clinicSpecial Accomodations at our St George Dental Clinic

To accommodate children, our St. George dental clinic has a special room with an outdoor view where they can feel at ease.  The TV is tuned for them.  Tablets are available to entertain them.  Our hope is that they will enjoy their time at Red Door and think of Dr. Larsen’s office as a place of welcome. Of course, kids get little rewards at each visit, but the big reward is a healthy mouth for years to come.

Dental Cleanings

Our team of hygienists take special care of our young patients in St. George, Utah. Our hygienists do everything they can to be gentle and kind.  While the immediate goal is to make children feel safe, our long-term goal is to reduce children’s anxiety about dental care.

We try to teach good oral health habits to our young patients.  With encouragement, children will grow up with healthy habits that last a lifetime.

Sealants for Baby Teeth

A child’s baby teeth are vulnerable to deterioration and cavities. Yet they need to last until adult teeth arrive.  To preserve them, some children get sealants.  The process can save them from cavities later and preserve baby teeth until adult teeth arrive.

Sealants are a coating that will protect tooth surfaces.  A curing light is used to harden the coating into a lasting seal.  It is a common practice in pediatric dentistry.

Children’s Cavities

While we are not strictly a pediatric dental office, we do offer the typical services of a pediatric dentist.  If your child develops a cavity, Dr. Larsen and his team will do their best to make the child comfortable during a cavity filling.  We will do everything we can to address anxieties, whether they are your child’s or your own!

Best Age to Begin Dental Care

Did you know that a two-year-old would benefit from seeing a dentist? At two, children are invited for a Happy Visit. We introduce the child to the dental chair and try to get them comfortable in the clinical setting. Then at 2.5 years, it is recommended that the child see a dentist for an oral health exam.

Dr. Larsen is happy to advise parents about caring for toddler teeth. For sure, everyone on our team will be very gentle and caring. It is our goal to encourage children not to fear the dentist. We will help you protect your child’s long-term dental health.

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What is the meaning of a Red Door?

A Red Door on a house represents the mouth of a home. Whatever enters the home must pass through the door just as whatever enters the body must pass through the mouth. Like the door of a home it is important for the mouth to be strong, in good condition and attractive. There is a connection between oral and systemic health. If we keep the doorway or in other words our mouth healthy, our bodies will be healthier too.

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